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Don Chicharrón plays Chicha, and Chicha is from Peru.

Chicha was the sonic result of forward-thinking coastal and mountain-dwelling Peruvians mixing the various aural stylings of their day: ‘60s psychedelia, Andean traditional folk melodies, and Afro-Cuban cumbia rhythms. Formed by Peruvian-American, Aldo Pantoja, Don Chicharrón channels the music of Aldo’s ancestors while reconciling the influences of its 8 other members with their touches of punk, surf, prog, jazz, reggaetón, and salsa to the Don Cheech discoteca.

Named Best Salsa Band in 2018 by Westword, Don Chicharrón has shared the stage with current cumbiamberos like Ozomatli, Sotomayor, Combo Chimbita, Tropa Magica and Y La Bamba. In early 2019, the 9-piece combo is set to release their first self titled LP, Don Chicharrón, and is expected to play the United States, Mexico and Peru thereafter.

Get tangled up with Don Cheech and its canopy of trippy guitarwork, mesmerizing synthplay, and howling vocals as they emulate sounds from the Amazon to the Pacific with their kind of cumbia. Put your hands upon a wall of syncopated percussion, shout celebratory chants and liberate your hips to Don Chicharrón as they champion the sounds of Chicha. ¡A BAILAR!



Booking/Management: tylerbreuer@gmail.com

Band: donchicharroncombo@gmail.com

Aldo: aldopantoja@gmail.com

La Banda

Aldo Pantoja
Líder Maestro
Andre Martinez
Hombre de Bombo
EJ Ulery
Baterista Extraordinario
Teclista Asombroso
Justin Horrigan
Guitarrista con el Sonido Universal
Ty Breuer
Guitarrista Despiadado
Nathan Fulton
Excelente Chico Bongo
Mike & Stuart
Percusión Auxiliar